Panoramas of the Cruquius Steam Drainage Pumping Station, 11 September 2006

Nine panoramas were made, with the kind permission and assistance of Piet Beertema, one of the technicians of Museum De Cruquius.
Click the images below for photographs and Flash panoramas of nine different locations

Location 1: Engine room with the large Cruquius engine
Location 6: Engine room, view from outside
Location 2: As 1, different viewpoint
Location 7: Cruquius engine: the balance beams
Location 3: As 1, different viewpoint
Location 8: Top of the building, above the balance beams
Location 4: Cruquius engine: lower part in basement
Location 9: Surroundings of the Cruquius, seen from the roof
Location 5: as 4, different viewpoint
       Of related interest:
Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg , the oldest operational steam-powered paddle-wheel pumping station in the world.
Piet Beertema, curator of the museum, recently invited me to make a series of panoramas of this beautiful monument

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