Panoramas of the Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg, 21 April 2010

Eleven panoramas of the Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg made upon invitation and with kind assistance of Piet Beertema, curator of the museum.
Extensive information about this beautiful monument - the oldest operational steam-powered paddle-wheel pumping station in the world - can be found
on the website Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg

Click the images below for photographs and full, interacive panoramas of eleven different locations

1. Smithy and workshop. Former boiler-house (1852-1888)
2. Engine room. Cooling water/vacuum pump, feed water storage, engineer's office
3. Engine room. Main steam valve with meters, turning gear, steam engine
4. Engine room. Flywheel and gearwheels, turning gear, condensor, view on circular canal
5. Engine room. Gearwheels driving the paddle-wheels
6. Sidewing with 3 paddle-wheels (7.5m diameter!)
7. Corridor between boiler-house and engine room. Collection of old meters
8. Boiler-house from 1888 with boilers from 1923 and accessory meters. Right boiler still in use
9. Boiler-house. View on dismantled boiler and model engines collection
10. Boiler-house. Collection of renovated industrial steam engines
11. Inner yard with coal storage and chimney (39m high!)

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